Holiday loans – what promotions have the lenders prepared?

Holidays are a very specific time for lenders and borrowers. It can be said that this is one of the periods in which we usually take out loans. It is extremely abundant in expenses, just like around Christmas, Easter and the communion period. Loan companies understand this perfectly, wanting to attract as many customers as possible often launch special marketing campaigns and introduce interesting promotions.

The greatest value is represented by new customers who may return to this company if they ever run out of money. That is why the most attractive loan conditions and the lowest costs are prepared for their needs and requirements. Permanent borrowers will not be lossy, however, because they can also often take advantage of the promotion. Sure, it will not be so much choice. After all, it’s worth looking at what summer promotions and competitions we may encounter.

A loan for free at Jenny Credit

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On the one hand, this option is very beneficial for borrowers going on holiday, because they do not have to immediately collect money to return the entire amount. Therefore, it is a safe option and does not burden the household budget too much. On the other hand, an installment loan is a large and long-lasting burden. Particular care should be taken when we need a higher loan amount for a holiday trip. It is then unlikely that the loan will be taken for a period of 12 months. Quite the opposite – we are eager to use a two-, three- or even four-year repayment period. In a year, however, it will be holidays again and you may have to take another loan – then we will remain with two obligations to pay back.

Super Penny understands people who need more money and can pay it back in a month. The summer promotion in this company is addressed to borrowers applying for a loan for the first time. They can receive up to USD 10,000 for repayment in any number of installments. If they repay the loan within the first 30 days, it will be free. In this way, you can get a free loan of a high amount, and if you fail to comply with the terms of the promotion, there is still a margin of safety and the ability to pay the loan according to the planned schedule.

Kuki – USD 15,000 to be won every week

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The summer promotion at Kuki is a typical competition in which only a few people win, but they can win really attractive prizes. Kuki created a prize pool of USD 105,000. What do you have to do to be able to win?

It is very easy. It is enough until September 2 this year. take a loan in Kuki. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or old customer. No loan amounts or repayment periods have been imposed – there is freedom here. Then fill out the form on the lender’s website, enter your phone number and loan agreement number in it, and then answer the question “What would you spend the competition prize of USD 15,000?”. Every week the best answers will be selected and the winners will receive the said amount.

Holiday promotions – worth it or not?

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It is good to win something in the competition or enjoy the money without paying any fees. The fact is that you can take advantage of really attractive conditions on loan promotions. However, it is illogical to take out loans on the “is in promotion, so I have to take it” principle. You can look for a promotion or competition if you really need a loan and are looking for the right offer. The loan is a big responsibility and even under promotional conditions it can have really serious consequences.