15 tips. Before you sign a non-bank loan agreement


15 tips before you sign a non-bank loan agreement, not just online.

15 tips before you sign a non-bank loan agreement, not just online.

Below are a few tips that you should take advantage of before you decide on loans, installment loans and choose a loan company.

1. Avoid companies that charge fees for processing a loan application.

2. Do not borrow in companies, from people whose adverts you find on “poles”, giving only the phone number.

3. Check the credibility of the loan company on the internet or contact (Association of Loan Companies). On the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), read the list of companies that are suspected of a parabanous activity without the required license. Do not use the services they offer.

4. Do not sign bills of exchange, statements that are disproportionate to the amount of money you borrow. By borrowing, for example, 2 thousand PLN, do not sign a bill of exchange for 10,000 zł.

5. Avoid companies where the cost of borrowing money for 30 days is more than 50% and more additional costs. Borrowing, for example, PLN 1000, you must give at least PLN 1,500.

6. Always borrow only as much as you need.

7. Do not take a loan if you do not know its total costs.

8. Compare different offers from loan companies. Find out what is the best time, check the table of charges, the cost of extending the loan, etc. Read the opinions of other people before making a decision, for example on loan forums.

9. Before signing the contract, make sure how much money you have to give and when.

10. Do not borrow money in a loan company to pay off another liability. Contact the creditor (the company that gave you the loan), inform about the difficulties in repayment of the loan and negotiate the repayment terms.

11. Do not sign a contract if anything is incomprehensible. Ask for clarification of a company employee, lawyer or a person who has experience in this area.

12. Before you sign the contract, read it carefully. See point 11.

13. On the internet you can compare loans in a simple way using the non-bank loan cost calculators.

14. Remember to comply with the terms of the loan agreement ( loans). Settle your commitment in a timely manner. This way you will avoid additional costs, and thus it will be much easier for you to borrow money again.

15. Improve the state of your home finances, learn how to properly manage your home budget, so that you can avoid using loan companies in the future.

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Non-bank loans via the Internet loan companies , non-bank loans via the Internet

Internet Loan on Installments – In a Bank or a Non-bank Company

We can get a loan via the Internet in two ways – from the bank and from non-bank companies. The latter option will, however, be more expensive to pay http://www.carfin.org.uk/installment-loan-easy-and-secure-financing-immediately/ for more.

When looking for a loan, we do not need to go to the bank for this purpose, but also for this purpose, collect a certificate of income earned from the workplace. Today I will show you how to get a loan online simply and quickly. As in the case of banks only in a few, we will get cash in this way, I also added a few non-bank companies.

A non-bank loan via the Internet in installments, however, differs from those from banking that it is more expensive to pay. Practically from what offer we would not have benefited, it will always be less beneficial to us than the banking one. Therefore, if we do not have a negative credit history and we have adequate creditworthiness (income), then we should choose among the banking offers first.

Where can we get a bank loan with installments and online? Of course, at sbank, but not only because in the last months we have several additional banks that decided to provide loans and credits entirely via the Internet. This is s-mobile. Banking services (formerly operating under the name MeteorSync), Dynasty Bank (under the wings of Crediter) or MyCredit (a new Getin Bank product). So there is a lot to choose from and even if one of the banks does not give us credit, there is a chance that we will get it in the second one. The good thing is that we can check it out without having to visit stationary facilities.

Bank loan on the internet in installments – what will we need?

Bank loan on the internet in installments - what will we need?

What will we need to obtain an online bank loan? Of course, the main document or ID card, banks may require us to send a scan of this document. If we do not have a scanner at home, then nothing is lost. We can also do a scan with a photo, using a digital camera or even a smartphone. It is important that the data from the proof is legible as well as our photo was visible to us.

In addition to the ID card, it will also be necessary to confirm our income but not necessarily in the form of a document issued by our employer. If we receive a remuneration on a bank account, it is very likely that you only need to download the account history from the last few months to obtain the loan. If we have access to our account via the Internet, we can download such an electronic statement after logging into our account. We will be able to deliver it to the bank by sending it via email or via a special form.

As I wrote at the outset, such a bank loan via the Internet will be much cheaper to pay than a non-bank loan. All the more so if we care for a larger amount and a longer repayment period. As part of the sbank and Dynasty Bank offer via the Internet, we can get up to PLN 20,000, in the case of MyCredit it can be up to PLN 10,000. We can adjust the repayment period according to our needs.

Is the loan via installments via the internet also available through non-bank companies? It all depends on what amount we need and how quickly we intend to pay it back. The reasonable offer can be found in the offers of truloan, Smart Bank,

SudCredit or Takto Finanse. The fastest, however, we get it in the first two companies. In their case, the waiting time for a loan may close even a few dozen minutes from the moment of submitting the application. In the case of non-bank companies, it will not be necessary to send income statements or bank statements.

Bank loans on the Internet in installments:

Bank loans on the Internet in installments:

Dynasty Bank – internet credit up to PLN 10,000, repayment of up to 84 monthly installments
MyCredit – internet credit up to PLN 10,000, repayment up to 36 monthly installments
SolBank – Internet credit up to PLN 50,000, repayment up to 60 monthly installments

Non-bank loans via the Internet in installments:

Non-bank loans via the Internet in installments:

TondaBank – installment loan up to PLN 10,000, repayment up to 24 months
truloan – installment loan up to PLN 10,000, repayment up to 36 months
SudCredit – installment loan up to PLN 10,000, repayment up to 24 months